RB Prospect Lab: The 20 Closest Athletic Comps for the Top 12 RB Prospects

In Part 1 of the RB Prospect Lab series, we looked at the overall rankings for the RBs and discussed the big winners and losers after the combine. Today, we examine the athletic comps for the RB prospects. As free agency dies down and we shift back into high gear on NFL draft season, it’s time to dive a little deeper on the 2019 RB class. Today, I’ll be using the Combine Explorer1 to demonstrate how the top prospects compare to historical testing results at the position. I’ll also provide their 20 closest athletic comps and discuss the fit with notable players.
  1. Dave Caban’s Combine Explorer is currently an internal app for writer use, but it will be available to subscribers soon.  (back)

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive