Tyler Lockett Is the WR1 in Seattle

In case you weren’t aware, Tyler Lockett is the WR1 in Seattle. This isn’t something new, the torch was actually passed in 2018. I expect Lockett to continuing carrying it though, so I figured it was time to sound the trumpet for the dynasty fantasy football masses. I don’t make this statement or take this responsibility lightly. Crowning a player a team’s WR1 is a big deal – it’s a prestige booster, a rankings changer, a label change to the cool kid clique. I’ll defend the position momentarily, but first I need to pay tribute to a crafty, late-blooming, former undrafted rookie free agent who helped me win a handful of titles from 2015 to 2017. Scoring 11 touchdowns over a five-week span during fantasy football season crunch time will earn a man some fans. Posting year-end PPR finishes of WR10, WR8, and WR14 in successive seasons after being added for free from the dynasty waiver wire trash heap is the stuff of which legends are made. I’m talking of course, about Doug Baldwin, who ranks third all-time in receiving touchdowns among undrafted wide receivers, trailing only Wes Welker and Rod Smith. Thanks for the ride, Doug, it was more fun than you know. Now, regarding the title of this article, why is it important to know who the WR1 is in Seattle? Russell Wilson’s fantasy WR1 over past four seasons has never ranked worse than a high PPR WR2, with two finishes as a PPR WR1. Despite the offensive (at times) Seattle passing offense, we want to own Wilson’s go-to player in fantasy.

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By Curtis Patrick | @CPatrickNFL | Archive