Room to Improve : A look at Mike Gesicki’s Rookie Season

We come to Miami Dolphins tight end Mike Gesicki in our latest look back on the 2018 rookie crop. Gesicki entered his debut season with high hopes and expectations, even taking into account the relative difficulty rookie TEs have in becoming productive immediately. It is probably fair to say that he came nowhere close to meeting these standards. Although to be truthful, the blame for this “failure” does not sit squarely with Gesicki. We’ll take a look back at the positives (there are not that many) and negatives of Gesicki’s first year in the NFL from a numbers point of view. We’ll also look at a few players who enjoyed a similar rookie season to him. We’ll take a quick look at how they’ve fared since their rookie seasons. This will allow us to see a possible range of outcomes for Gesicki moving forward. Then we’ll touch briefly on his outlook for 2019.

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By Neil Dutton | @ndutton13 | Archive