Dallas Goedert : A Look Back at His Rookie Season

Continuing our look back at the 2018 rookie crop, our attention turns now to Philadelphia Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert. Despite a Christian name that is not exactly a popular word around Philly, Goedert was able to do enough in his first season to convince Eagles fans that Dallas doing well isn’t always a bad thing. We’ll take a look back at the positives, and negatives, of Goedert’s first year in the NFL from a numbers point of view. We’ll also look at a few players who enjoyed a similar rookie season to Goedert. We’ll take a quick look at how they’ve fared since their rookie seasons. This will allow us to see a possible range of outcomes for Goedert moving forward. Then we’ll touch briefly on his outlook for 2019.

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By Neil Dutton | @ndutton13 | Archive