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Zero RB, Elite TE, Patrick Mahomes, and Tyler Boyd: Was It Enough in 2018?

Shawn Siegele examines his 2018 fantasy results to see if the picks he provided to readers – breakout wide receivers, Zero RB candidates, structural drafting strategies, and more – proved successful in his own leagues. Every year our Zero RB candidates and wide receiver breakout lists quickly pay for the price of a subscription. By combining evidenced-based player selection with the top structural drafting tips in the business, we help you craft all-star lineups that put your opponents under pressure from Week 1. But we also take pride in the fantasy results of our own writers. High stakes champion Monty Phan has been providing a window into the highest levels of fantasy, and he recently discussed his victory in the FFPC Bare Knuckle contest. Top dynasty writer John Lapinski also plays numerous other formats, including the Terminator, and he gave us a glimpse of his 2018 win.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive