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Matchup Dependent – Tejas Bodiwala and Harshal Sheth: High-Stakes Lowdown

The High-Stakes Lowdown: A RotoViz Podcast: Eric Balkman chats with high-stakes fantasy football players.

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Host: Eric Balkman (@EricBalkman) – Host of the High-Stakes Fantasy Football Hour podcast and media relations officer of the Fantasy Football Players Championship 


Fantasy Football Players Championship – The home of season-long high stakes fantasy football. Check out the FFPC today!

GUESTS: Tejas Bodiwala & Harshal Sheth

Tejas Bodiwala and Harshal Sheth make up the duo that won $100,000 by taking down the 2015-16 World Famous FFPC Playoff Challenge. In addition to that championship, they have three other top-20 finishes in the industry’s longest-running playoff contest as well.

In this episode, we preview the 2018-19 FFPC Playoff Challenge. Topics include strategy on building lineups, their process in constructing teams and what players they like from the teams contending to get to the Super Bowl.


Thanks to Eric and the FFPC for coordinating this show. Thanks to grapes for providing the theme music.

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