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FFPC Playoff Challenge Update – Peter Overzet: The Fantasy Football Report

The Fantasy Football Report: A RotoViz Radio News Show typically covers the serious and mocks the ridiculous NFL news of the week. Instead this week the hosts are focusing on their strategy for the FFPC Playoff Challenge which has a $200,000 first place prize.

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Co-host: Blair Andrews (@AmItheRealBlair), managing editor for RotoViz

Co-host: Hasan Rahim (@hrr5010), contributor for RotoViz

Guest: Peter Overzet (@peteroverzet), Host of Fantasyland, Host of The Turnover on 4for4, and Producer of the ‘Pete Manzinelli’ YouTube Channel

FFPC Playoff Challenge Update

Blair, Peter, and Hasan break down their FFPC Playoff Challenge teams and discuss how their rosters are doing. The hosts take a look back at their roster construction process and try to find ways to improve upon it. The hosts also take a look forward to the Super Bowl and which players they need in order to make a run up the leaderboard.


Fantasy Football Players Championship – The home of season-long high stakes fantasy football.

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