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FFPC Playoff Challenge Strategy Discussion – Shawn Siegele: The Fantasy Football Report

The Fantasy Football Report: A RotoViz Radio News Show typically covers the serious and mocks the ridiculous NFL news of the week. Instead this week the hosts are focusing on their strategy for the FFPC Playoff Challenge which has a $200,000 first place prize.

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Co-host: Blair Andrews (@AmItheRealBlair), managing editor for RotoViz

Co-host: Hasan Rahim (@hrr5010), contributor to RotoViz

Guest: Shawn Siegele (@ff_contrarian), RotoViz co-owner

FFPC Playoff Challenge Strategy

On the show, Blair, Hasan, and Shawn break down a few strategies for how to approach the FFPC Playoff Challenge. Topics include:

  • Teams to fade
  • Building a unique roster
  • Favorite plays
  • Creating scenario-based lineups

Information about the FFPC Playoff Challenge:

  • $200 to enter, with a $200,000 grand prize and a $750,000 total prize pool, paying down to 600th place.
  • Choose 10 players to make up your team’s roster, but you’re only allowed to use one player from each NFL team. There will not be any changes, substitutions or free agent pickups once rosters are locked.
  • The contest is capped at 4,250 total entries.
  • Registrations close on Saturday January, 5th at 4:30pm ET.
  • Register at MYFFPC.COM.


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