The 3 and Out for Week 14: Workloads, Trends and Hidden Statistics

The 3 and Out uses the Weekly Stat Explorer to uncover significant workload changes, league, team, and player-specific trends, and hidden but powerful statistics. Note that metrics and statistics referenced in this article are sourced from the Weekly Stat Explorer. As a result, offensive rankings, for example, are based on tool specific calculations and may not agree with rankings from other sources. For the majority of the season, we focused on finding diamonds in the rough and adding depth to our rosters. With the playoffs here, for many fantasy gamers, that’s no longer the focus. They need to determine which players to start, which to sit and identify those that can be relied on for floors or ceilings. Finally, we get to focus more of our attention toward the stars…

1. Wide Receivers

Touchdown Scoring Potential

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By Dave Caban | @DaveCabanFF | Archive