The 15: Travis Kelce and Tarik Cohen Rally Owners Into the Playoffs

Shawn Siegele uses the RotoViz apps to break down 15 of the biggest fantasy stories of the weekend. And yes, he’ll talk about No. 15 Patrick Mahomes. I got in some singles and doubles this weekend in the Holiday Open and only suffered one groin injury and several other minor maladies. We’ll call that a win. By the time I started yesterday’s binge, the games had really stacked up on the DVR, but I finished 10 of them before falling asleep. Sadly, that didn’t include Miami/Buffalo where Zay Jones caught two touchdowns and Josh Allen rumbled for 135 rushing yards. I’m looking forward to watching that one as soon as I break my DirecTV password.1
  1. Because why show the Shortcuts on TV when you can force users to find them on an app.  (back)

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive