Game Level Similarity Projections: Wide Receivers Week 15

Welcome to the 2018 Game Level Similarity Projections (GLSP) for wide receivers, a weekly column designed to help you identify high-upside standouts and set your season-long lineups. GLSP uses historical matchup, team, player, and Vegas lines to generate situation-agnostic projections. The low projection is equivalent to the 25th percentile point total from the comparable matchups. The median projection provides a benchmark, with even odds of the player producing more or less. The high projection is equivalent to the 75th percentile point total from the comparable matchups. Please note that the model is run three times: six weeks back, four weeks back, and three weeks back and the results are averaged. As a result, rookies that are trending well will be somewhat overprojected and second-year players who did not score well last year will be underprojected. Remember, the most valuable way to incorporate GLSP into your lineup-setting process is to identify surprisingly high and low projections, then strategically start or fade the outliers. All of Dave’s Week 15 WR GLSP projections are included below.

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