Week 12 QB Rankings and Streaming Options

QB rankings and streaming advice for Week 12 of the 2018 fantasy football season. In what could easily be the most competitive week ever, we have another segment of “Who is that under center?” This week’s episode features Colt McCoy, who took over for Alex Smith after a season-ending leg injury that required him to have immediate surgery. McCoy inherited a 17-7 deficit in the third quarter and almost pulled off a comeback win if not for a missed 63-yard field goal. The injuries don’t end there. Marcus Mariota suffered a stinger after taking his fourth sack of the half against the Colts, though head coach Mike Vrabel confirmed he did not re-injure his elbow. Blaine Gabbert took over in Sunday’s loss and could be called upon again in Week 12. Meanwhile, in Lamar Jackson’s first NFL start for the Ravens he went 13 of 19 for 150 yards and an interception, which would seem like a rather disappointing start if not for the 117 additional yards on the ground. Do the rushing yards make up for the underwhelming passing game? Should Joe Flacco not return in Week 12, we might find out. Once again, we update the Patrick Mahomes tracker in what was arguably the greatest NFL regular season game in history. The Chiefs Monday Night Football game against the Rams was the only game in NFL history where both teams scored 50-plus points. And with Mahomes QB1, 35.9 point fantasy day, he became the first player since 1933 with six touchdowns and five turnovers. The Chiefs also became the first team ever in the 99-year history of the league to score 50 points and lose, a stat tailor-made for Andy Reid. Not the best record to hit, but it gave us a game that exceeded expectations and made for some good football nonetheless.

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By Giana Pacinelli | @GIANAAAA | Archive