Marcus Mariota Week 11 Injury Analysis

Marcus Mariota, the Titans’ starting quarterback, left Week 11’s game following an injury. Initial reports stated that he re-injured his throwing elbow, which had already suffered an ulnar nerve injury earlier this season. That initial injury made it difficult for him to grip and throw the football for roughly a month, markedly decreasing his effectiveness during that time period. Upon further review, Mariota did not re-injure his throwing elbow. Instead, he suffered a ‘stinger’ when a defender hit him on the side of the head. This is good news, as Mariota’s chance of playing next Monday night is now greatly increased. While Mariota noted numbness radiating down his arm, similar to that experienced during the ulnar nerve injury at the elbow, the rate of return from this injury is usually quicker compared to a repeat injury to the ulnar nerve about the elbow. It was also reported that Mariota did not suffer a concussion.

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By Jeffrey E. Budoff, MD | @JeffBudoff | Archive