Game Level Similarity Projections : Tight End Week 11

Once more we wend our way through the cesspool that is the tight end position, using Game Level Similarity Projections. 2018 has been disappointing for fans of tight ends, to say the least. Nonetheless, most teams need to start at least one. So with this mind, here are the projected numbers for Week 11. The numbers are, as always, courtesy of Dave Caban. By this stage of the season, it is quite difficult to find viable streaming options at the TE spot. Those players who have performed well will have found their way onto the majority of rosters, which can make the start-sit process seem less like a choice and more like an ultimatum. However, there are several players this week whom the numbers seem to like, as well as a few that could well outperform their projections. Let us see what we have.

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By Neil Dutton | @ndutton13 | Archive