Dynasty Watch: The 2019 Stash List – Part 1

Dynasty rankings are in constant flux and staying informed is the key to making roster decisions for your fantasy football team. The Dynasty Watch series highlights some key takeaways from each week’s games. So, you blew it. You went into the season riding a rocket-fueled adrenaline high. No one was gonna beat this team. No sir, not this year. This was your year, and nothing was going to stand in your way. And now as the dust settles and you realize your chances of making the playoffs fall somewhere on the scale between Denver Broncos (slim) and Oakland Raiders (none), it’s time to look to the future. That roster spot you filled with Brandon LaFell in a last-ditch effort to win Week 10 and keep yourself alive? That needs to be filled with someone who isn’t old enough to play for Jon Gruden. Last year’s list turned up a few players who revitalized their dynasty value early in the season, such as Quincy Enunwa, Geronimo Allison, and Matt Breida. Though injuries struck Enunwa and Allison, they were both players you could’ve had for free and then enjoyed their useful fantasy performances when they were on the field in 2018.

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By John Lapinski | @http://twitter.com/FF_SkiBall | Archive