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DraftKings NFL Cash Plays – Week 11

The Fantasy Football Ghost had an excellent Week 10, posting his highest average multipler. Let’s see what he has for Week 11 in DraftKings NFL cash games. Week 10, for all of its surprises and general wackiness, gave us one of the best performing weeks since this column started this season. With major hits in the form of my Drew Brees and Nick Chubb suggestions, we saw an average value multiplier of 3.75 times value. Tyler Boyd was the major miss despite a matchup that couldn’t possibly have been better for him. With Week 10 now in the books, if you found a way to get the players I highlighted into your lineup, it’s safe to say you’re likely a bit richer than you were the last time you read this piece. In the end, that’s what this column is really all about — all of you. I try my absolute best to put the best values possible in front of you each week and I take a certain degree of personal joy knowing that the players I’m sharing with you are helping to make my followers a little bit, or a lot, depending on your faith in me, richer come Sunday evening. With that said, Week 11 is another difficult week filled with a large number of bye weeks. There’s no two ways about it, this week will be tough! I’m convinced we will prevail though, just as we did in Week 10.
As a reminder, I will put forth a few players each week that I think you should work into your cash lineups. Some weeks I might only have a single player at a position, the next week I may have three, it’s all going to depend on the strength of the slate, the values present on a given week and the match ups. The following week I will recap how my picks fared. A successful week will be determined by the players I suggest averaging 2.5 times their value, while an unsuccessful week will be an average under 2.5 times value. Another quick reminder, much of the data presented in this piece can be found in Dave Caban’s Weekly Stat Explorer, found here. Check it out to keep on top of all the week’s key match ups!

DraftKings NFL Cash Plays for Week 11

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