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DraftKings NFL Cash Plays – Week 10

Week 10 brings a whole series of new challenges for DraftKings NFL cash games. Join The Fantasy Football Ghost as he helps us with our cash game lineups! Last week was a little more boom than bust as we eked out an average multiplier of 2.98. Not bad but, it could have been so much better given the fact that both Alex Smith and Kareem Hunt posted multipliers of over four times value! Devin Funchess lost some prime targets to Curtis Samuel, who is starting to come into his own, while David Njoku and the Browns weren’t able to get a whole lot started against Kansas City, even in garbage time. This week brings us a slate that’s a bit more full, with some much better values. Week 9 was always appearing to be a tough one, but at nearly three times value, I feel we weathered it quite well! Buckle in for a wild Week 10 where a lot of players will be suiting up for new teams and providing us all with some new team dynamics to consider. As a reminder, I will put forth a few players each week that I think you should work into your cash line ups. Some weeks I might only have a single player at a position, the next week I may have three, it is all going to depend on the strength of the slate, the values present on a given week and the match ups. The following week I will recap how my picks fared. A successful week will be determined by the players I suggest averaging 2.5 times their value, while an unsuccessful week will be an average under 2.5 times value. Another quick reminder, much of the data presented in this piece can be found in Dave Caban’s Weekly Stat Explorer, found here. Check it out to keep on top of all the week’s key match ups!

DraftKings NFL Cash Plays for Week 10

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