Terminated! A Slow Climb to Relevance

This column chronicles the ups and downs of the team drafted with three friends in the FFPC’s Terminator contest – one player from our roster must be eliminated each week. The first installment outlined the tournament rules. Great news! Our Terminator team had our most points of the season in Week 6. Guess what else? It made no difference to our place in the standings! terminatorstandingsweek7_2018 Of course, we had no expectations of making up our entire deficit in a single week. I was actually tempted to add “if at all” to the end of that previous sentence, but that’s a terrible attitude. I believe in us! We can totally do this. And by “we,” I mean a collection of football players I have absolutely no power over and merely cheer for because I selected them over others whom, at the time, I deemed unworthy of my attention.

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By Monty Phan | @MontyPhan | Archive