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I Don’t Want To Find Out – Jamey Joseph: High-Stakes Lowdown

The High-Stakes Lowdown: A RotoViz Podcast: Eric Balkman chats with high-stakes fantasy football players.

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Host: Eric Balkman (@EricBalkman) – Host of the High-Stakes Fantasy Football Hour podcast and media relations officer of the Fantasy Football Players Championship 


Fantasy Football Players Championship – The home of season-long high stakes fantasy football. Check out the FFPC today!

GUEST: Jamey Joseph

Jamey Joseph is a former FFPC and Footballguys Players Championship league winner. He currently has a team in 12th place in the Footballguys Players Championship, a contest with a $2,100,000 prize pool and a $250,000 grand prize. His career winnings in the FFPC total more than $25,000.

In this episode, we mull over when we’ll see Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin turn it on, what he expects to see from a Freeman-less Falcons backfield, where the fantasy production will come in Oakland and much more.


Thanks to Eric and the FFPC for coordinating this show. Thanks to grapes for providing the theme music.

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