High Staked: Bidding War of Attrition

Veteran high stakes fantasy football player Monty Phan chronicles his season. If you have multiple high-stakes teams in leagues with waivers, these are the weeks where putting together Wednesday bids starts to feel like a total slog. Trying to figure out how much to put down on the Bengals’ third-string tight end or the Eagles’ third-string running back or any member of the Jaguars’ offense is causing you to evaluate the choices in your life leading to this point. It’s always like this. The first couple weeks, you’re bidding on guys you weren’t able to take in the draft or some rookie who came out of nowhere to have a big first week or two. It’s exciting! The next couple weeks, maybe you’re giving up on some late-round flyers for players who have put together a few solid weeks to start the year. It’s still exciting, kind of! Now is the point where you’re bidding on guys you dropped a week or two ago who decided to score tons of points only when they were off your roster and now you’re that deep-voiced guy from Boyz II Men1 whose seemingly only purpose in that group was to plead in the middle of a ballad, “Baby, just come back to me, I never meant to let you go, please, baby, I’m begging you, come back.” Players such as:
  1. I’m really dating myself, here.  (back)

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By Monty Phan | @MontyPhan | Archive