Game Level Similarity Projections: Tight End Week 5

You don’t have to tell me that tight end is a colossal dumpster fire so this season. Believe me, I am painfully aware of the fact. I mean, do you think I want to bring my children up in a world where Jared Cook is the overall TE1? Or where Rob Gronkowski has failed to clear 9.1 PPR points in three of his four games? Nonetheless, our fantasy teams need at least one TE, and with that in mind, here are Week 5’s GLSP numbers, courtesy of the great Dave Caban. Dave is running the models three times, looking back eight weeks, six weeks and then three weeks, before averaging the results. This means rookies who are playing well will be somewhat over-projected, especially when compared to some second-year players who saw limited usage last year, and whose results may be weighed down by their bad games from last season. We also now have access to a four games worth of data, enabling us to capture a true reflection in our projections for this years rookie class.

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By Neil Dutton | @ndutton13 | Archive