Albert Wilson Injury Analysis

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Budoff provides injury analysis for Albert Wilson. Wilson, a Miami Dolphins wide receiver, suffered a right hip subluxation Week 7. It was later reported that he also had a ‘significant injury’ to his hip’s labrum. So what does that mean? The hip is a ball and socket joint, much like the shoulder. However, there are important differences between these two articulations. The shoulder relies mainly on soft tissues (ie. ligaments) for stability. In contrast, the hip relies far more on its larger bony socket. The femoral head (ball of the hip joint) is surrounded by bone much more than the humeral head (ball of the shoulder joint) is. In addition, the ligaments surrounding the femoral head are among the strongest in the human body.

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By Jeffrey E. Budoff, MD | @JeffBudoff | Archive