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DraftKings NFL Cash Plays – Week 5

After a hugely successful Week 4, The Fantasy Football Ghost leads us bravely into Week 5 with our weekly DraftKings NFL cash plays for Week 5! Week 4 treated you pretty well if you decided to heed my advice. Last week’s featured player picks yielded an average return of 3.35 times value! In fact, two of the four featured players went over four times value, making it very difficult for an opponent to beat you in most cash games. Additionally, for those who dug a bit deeper and plugged Mitchell Trubisky into their lineups, one of the two quarterbacks I mentioned in the “Other Quarterbacks” section, were treated with a value just a hair shy of nine times value! The “Other Running Backs” I mentioned, Alvin Kamara and Ezekiel Elliott ranked as the No. 1 and No. 2 running backs on the slate, respectively, producing values of 4.6 and 4.8 times value, again respectively. Like I said, it was a really good week to give a listen to what Ol’ Ghosty is throwing your way! Now that I have a little bit of a reputation to uphold, let’s see if I can actually live up to it as we head into Week 5. As a reminder, I will put forth a few players each week that I think you should work into your cash line ups. Some weeks I might only have a single player at a position, the next week I may have three, it is all going to depend on the strength of the slate, the values present on a given week and the match ups. The following week I will recap how my picks fared. A successful week will be determined by the players I suggest averaging 2.5 times their value, while an unsuccessful week will be an average under 2.5 times value.

DraftKings NFL Cash Plays for Week 5

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