When The Devy Breaks: Benny Snell Jr. Scampers Into The Swamp

When the Devy Breaks travels the college football landscape, keeping you up-to-date on last week’s results, previewing the big upcoming tilts, and providing updated devy rankings.

The opening weekend of college football went pretty much as planned with the exception of Maryland upsetting Texas for the second consecutive season. Teams ranked in the top five won by an average of 40 points. Notre Dame kept the Shea Patterson-led Michigan offense in check for a majority of the game in a 24-17 win. And it took Penn State an overtime period to put down an upset bid from Appalachian State, 45-38, in the first game of the post-Saquon Barkley era. With kickoff weekend behind us, we can now settle in to a more traditional schedule starting this weekend. Most top-25 teams face unranked opponents so we can expect some lopsided scores. But a few matchups stand out, including USC/Stanford, Georgia/South Carolina, and Clemson/Texas A&M. There’s plenty of devy appeal in those three games, and a lot more scattered across the rest of the slate.

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By Jordan Hoover | @jhoover9787 | Archive