The Buy Low Report: Try to Steal Travis Kelce

Trading is one of the most enjoyable and difficult aspects of fantasy football. The Buy Low Report is here to help. Every Wednesday, this article will identify and analyze players who are ideal buy targets as well as players who are strong sell candidates. The primary methodology for buying and selling players in fantasy football comes down to volume.1 Expect “buy volume, sell efficiency” to be a tenant of this column. Where efficiency does play a key role in player valuation is that prolific efficiency can spur higher usage in the right situations – think of the career trajectories for players like Kareem Hunt, Alvin Kamara, or DeAndre Hopkins. Identifying circumstances where a player’s productivity gives him a shot at greater volume in the near future is a key aspect of playing the trade market.
  1. It has been proven ad nauseam that volume not only drives fantasy success, but that volume is also the most predictable piece of a player’s valuation. A player’s efficiency is mercurial relative to his volume and without a proven track record efficiency should be downplayed. I choose to look at efficiency as a binary entity when buying and selling in fantasy football: Can a player perform at an adequate enough level such that his volume will translate to the box score?  (back)

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