Talkin’ Trades Week 3: Quick Fix RBs

Welcome back to Talkin’ Trades, a weekly column that will highlight players to target today before their prices change tomorrow. Zane Gonzalez had another meltdown against the Saints to cost the Browns a second victory in as many weeks1. Daniel Carlson missed two field goals in overtime to cost the Vikings a W and deliver the second tie game of the season2. But going slightly under the radar here is that Chris Boswell¬†— after missing an OT field goal against the Browns — missed another field goal and extra point that would’ve given the Steelers a chance to make a two-point conversion to tie the game in their comeback against the Chiefs. When Le’Veon Bell signs his tender, he’s in danger of being traded for a kicker. My personal theory is that a The Ring situation is afflicting the NFL. We can surmise that Chris Boswell sent a cursed videotape to Daniel Carlson sometime during the seven days following his meltdown, while Zane Gonzalez failed to heed the videotape’s unholy message. Some say the infernal tape is hidden footage of Jerry Jones firing Dan Bailey, and the curse will be lifted now that Bailey has reaped Carlson’s soul for the Vikings job. Others say it’s a trick shot clip of Younghoe Koo backflip-kicking a signed Robert Aguayo ball, and the curse will never die. Three more days. Now let’s take a look at some of the best buys and sells at each position.
  1. and was fired  (back)
  2. and was fired  (back)

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By Devin McIntyre | @devinmci | Archive