RB Reception Records Fall and More Week 3 Bold Predictions

It’s time for another season of bad bets based in good process, better known as Bold Predictions. In this series, we’ll look at weekly matchups, using history as a contextual backdrop – as well as in-season trends – in order to unearth unexpected events that have a chance at coming true. A quick recap of Week 2.
  • What I meant to say in last week’s piece was – “why wouldn’t there not be an Andy Dalton debacle?” Simple typo.
  • I don’t mind missing on picks, but I hate bad process. That’s what the Jonnu Smith breakout prediction amounted to.
  • Jared Cook didn’t follow up his TE1 outing with a his usual face plant, but the numbers were not there against a weak Denver linebacker corps like I expected.
We’ll topple a few receptions records in Week 3, while making a bet that the Fitzmagic isn’t about to run out just yet.

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By Cort Smith | @@rotocort | Archive