High Staked: Don’t Panic!

Veteran high stakes fantasy football player Monty Phan chronicles his season. I’ve got a 9-year-old son who just got into NFL football in the past year. Like, really into NFL football. We’re talking so into NFL football that during Monday night’s game he said to me, “Dad, why didn’t you tell me that Aqib Talib was on the Rams?” as if, on top of making his meals every day, walking him to and from school and generally keeping him healthy and, I don’t know, alive, I’m also supposed to be his personal Rotoworld feed. “Son, wake up! The Raiders signed defensive tackle Clinton McDonald! Also, the house is on fire!” We’re talking so into NFL football that he actually watched the fourth week of preseason. We’re talking so into NFL football that my wife openly begged, “Please, we don’t need another Monty in the family.”1 Still, I decided to “lean into it,” as they say.2 At the end of last season, I told him we could do a fantasy league together when the NFL started up again. So last month we drafted a $35 “classic format” FFPC league together, and I let him make most of the picks.
  1. Even one Monty is likely too many.  (back)
  2. I’ve never actually said this.  (back)

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By Monty Phan | @MontyPhan | Archive