High Staked: Fitzmagic Kingdom

I’m in a dynasty league where, during preseason, my only viable starting quarterback was Jameis Winston. That’s because last year my only viable starting quarterback was Cam Newton, and early in the 2017 season I traded him for Winston, who had that weird Week 1 bye that made him extra valuable only to me, a miserly fantasy football owner who didn’t want to pay for a backup QB and tricked himself into thinking he had found the perfect solution.1 But then this year Winston went and got himself suspended, forcing me to grab Ryan Fitzpatrick off waivers during the offseason. At various times this summer, I’d look at the QBs on my roster and I was totally the “This Is Fine” dog. Then other times I’d realize everything around me is on fire and I’d start combing everyone else’s roster looking for QBs to trade for. I never made an offer. I decided I was going down with the Bucs pirate ship and its offensive captain, whoever that ended up being.
  1. There were other pieces involved in the trade, but, yes, you can say it: The deal sucked.  (back)

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By Monty Phan | @MontyPhan | Archive