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4 Second-Year WR Breakout Candidates You Must Own And 1 Big Red Flag to Avoid

While third-year wide receivers used to hog the spotlight, more receivers break out in Year 2 than any other. This is the group you have to own to dominate your league, yet red flags and traps abound. We look at three projection systems and WR ADP to locate the league winners and avoid the busts. 

Emphasizing Second-Year WRs

Blair Andrews has been doing excellent work on breakout players for the Wrong Read. Although I use slightly different standards for what constitutes a breakout, our findings dovetail in the critical areas. In the previous installment, we discussed the 21 players who have reached 200 points for the first time during their third campaigns.1 Eighteen rookies have reached that level. By contrast, 32 second-year players reached that plateau for the first time. This fits with what Blair’s study of receivers first hitting WR2 status.
  1. 2001-2017  (back)

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive