The 2 Best Fantasy Values in Round 3

Fantasy football is a game of finding inefficiencies in the market. Armed with the MFL10 ADP app, we have the visual means to help us find the players who have the best chance at beating the market and paying off at their current cost in MFL10 best ball drafts.As part of an ongoing series, we’re counting down the best values in each round. You can find the previous values by round here: Round 13 Round 12 Round 11 Round 10 Round 9 Round 8 Round 7 Round 6 Round 5 Round 4 We’re getting into an area of the draft where the term “value” is a little misleading. These players don’t come cheap, but they can still win you a league — ie, DeAndre Hopkins in the third round last year.

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By Cort Smith | @@rotocort | Archive