Draft Strategy

Mind the Gap: Multiple Ways to Exploit Backfield Committee ADPs

 What can the difference in average draft position between two running backs on the same team tell us? This post is an update to some work I did a few years ago; they’re here if you’d like a deeper look at the thought process behind this player screen, or just a laugh at some of the hot fantasy RBs of seasons past. Like my most recent articles, which used average team dynasty rankings to find low-cost acquisition targets, RB ADP differential is really just a way to screen players, and separate them into different buckets. Once we know which buckets have performed better in aggregate, we’ll know which players to analyze more closely. First, I’ll explain my methodology and then we’ll identify some 2018 RB targets.


Here’s how it works. A player’s ADP represents the market’s best assessment of his individual value. What if the difference in ADP between two RBs on the same team also tells us something about each player’s relative value? Consider the Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons. Each team has a pair of RBs being drafted in MFL10 best ball leagues.

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By Charles Kleinheksel | @Spidr2ybanana | Archive