Intriguing Recent Best Ball Risers

The 2018 season draws ever closer, with the Scott Fish Bowl draft starting this week. But while not everyone is able to take part in this event, almost all can still experience the joy of building a roster in best ball leagues.1 Using the RotoViz MFL10 ADP app, I’ve identified three players who have seen their popularity with best ball drafters increase in recent days. Don’t get me wrong, none of the three would seem to be players out of the top drawer. But given their situations, and in some cases their pedigree, they do make for interesting dart throws at their current prices. Let’s kick things off with New York Jets second-year running back, Elijah McGuire.
  1. if you live in areas where the activity is permitted, that is, unlike myself, over on the other side of the pond.  (back)

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By Neil Dutton | @ndutton13 | Archive