Post-Draft Rookie Tiers: Shakeup at RB, Collapse at WR

Last Thursday, I offered my Pre-Draft Rookie Tiers. After months of poring over the raw stats, advanced metrics, and scouting rankings for the 2018 class, you tend to think you have a fairly clear picture of how things will fall out, but you never do. And that’s what makes the draft so frustrating and ultimately exciting. With draft slot and landing spot now available, it’s time for the post-draft tiers. I’ve labeled risers in green and fallers in red.1 The research from the RotoViz writing team was off the charts this spring. Cort Smith has provided a complete player-by-player breakdown for the advanced metrics at running back and wide receiver. During the draft, the team authored in-depth reactions to every fantasy-relevant selection. I’ve provided links below the tier. 
  1. Occasionally a player will move down a tier without falling overall. This is the result of a shakeup in the way other players created natural gaps between groupings.  (back)

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive