Best Ball Risers – 5 WRs Climbing This Week

As we amble our way through the post-draft doldrums and wait for the flurry of news that comes with training camp, best ball leagues are a perfect way to pass the time. Despite the lack of major developments outside of the nightmare for Hunter Henry owners, we still have MFL10 risers as drafters continue to process the draft fallout. Trendy players continue their slow rise as owners adjust to new prices and try to get their guys without pouncing two rounds early.

With our MFL10 ADP app updated for the move to Fanball, we look at the top-five risers from the last week.

5 Risers

5 Risers 2

It’s no surprise to see Michael Gallup at the top of the list. Dallas entered the draft with a middle-of-the-pack WR opportunity score by ADP, but the departures of Dez Bryant and Jason Witten create a hole atop the depth chart. The same can be said for Anthony Miller, who went ahead of Christian Kirk and Calvin Ridley in a recent experts rookie draft. If we shift to WR opportunity in terms of available air yards, Chicago ranks toward the top.


ADP Zoom Out

We can also look beyond the snapshot of the last seven days and zoom out to a two-month perspective.

5 Risers 4


D.J. Moore remains a terrific value and owns the top early-career WR projection by a country mile. Drafters have been slow to embrace Moore, making him a must-draft for those willing to take the risk on rookies. And you should.

John Ross has been a recent puff piece beneficiary, but you shouldn’t forget him in the format that suits him best. The No. 9 pick in the 2017 draft, his vertical abilities will be needed in Cincinnati after a year lost to injury. It’s also interesting to see that while Miller and Gallup continue as risers, the real jump occurred in late April.

How has the recent draft enthusiasm influenced selection rates? For players who began the season on the draftable borderline, it’s also fun to look at the rate at which they’ve been drafted.

5 Risers 3

On April 11th, Ross had been drafted on 100 more occasions than Miller or Gallup, but they’ve since closed the gap and now lead by a few selections.

We’ll keep you updated on all the biggest moves this summer, but it’s always best to play with the data yourself. Explore the MFL10 app today.

By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive