4 Blockbuster Trades During Round 1 of the Faked Goods Rookie Draft

Playing real leagues with some of my favorite folks in the community is the best part of being a fantasy writer. The Faked Goods league is an offshoot of the podcast and co-commished by Chad Scott and Rich Hribar. A year ago, Rich invited me to join in a dispersal draft. Due to the quality of the dispersal pool, I was gifted a fairly strong team, but this year’s rookie draft provided one of the first opportunities to make it my own.1 Every year, in every rookie draft, I try to select as many rookies as possible even though I’ve usually traded away all of my rookie picks. If you’ve read the groundbreaking and best-selling Rookies Are Free Money from Brian Malone, you know why. Yesterday, I was able to swing four blockbuster-ish trades into the first round. 
  1. That’s probably not strictly true. Last season I traded for Jarvis Landry, Adam Thielen, Lamar Miller, D’Onta Foreman, and Pierre Garcon. As a result, I didn’t have a first-round rookie selection in this draft or in 2019. But I did own 2.02, 2.04, 2.05.  (back)

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive