11 Takeaways from the HyperActive Rookie Drafts

The incomparable Ryan McDowell, celebrity commissioner to the stars and purveyor of innovative leagues for everyone, runs the HyperActive leagues when he’s not running everything else. Last week I had the pleasure of drafting in HyperActive 3, a two-conference dynasty format. The week prior, I detailed four blockbluster trades in the Faked Goods draft and explained why you should load up on rookies. In this draft, I sadly did the opposite, adding David Johnson for the 1.07, 1.13, and a passel of second-round picks in this and future drafts. The draft went on without me. Let’s see what we can learn from the rookie selections.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive

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  1. Very interesting.

    Is it possible we are sleeping on Jordan Wilkins? I wonder if the year he was academically suspended (2016) makes him a bad fit for the models we rely on (which are so heavily age-adjusted). I also wonder about Marlon Mack's ability to slam it between the tackles. Wilkins is also functional+ in the passing game (at least, according to PFF grades).

    Betting on a 5th round RB with pedestrian athleticism is rarely a winning move, but I just have that special feeling with regards to Wilkins and wondering if anyone else does too.

  2. I was wondering the same thing.

    not sold on mack being the guy in indy, and then they go out and draft Hines, who seems like he fits the same role as mack. so that to me indicates Wilkins has an easier path to touches, even if it might just be that 1st and 2nd down roll. it's. not like they invested heavily in mack either, a 4th rounder last year, so the draft capital is similar.

    this kind of seems like the Aaron jones/jamaal Williams situation from last year, where neither guy was assured of anything, and either one could've broken out.

  3. Wilkins is certainly an intriguing late pick and has decent buzz in some corners. On Mack, it's worth remembering that a lot of backs have traditionally broken out big in Year 2, including guys like LeSean McCoy and Ray Rice, and that the Colts have given him a vote of confidence by making relatively limited additions.

    The Jamaal Williams comparison from @Hostage is an interesting one. Jones, Williams, and Mack were all much more established RBs than Wilkins, and Hines' resume in Amico's work really pops. So I don't think this projects as relatively even (like Jones/Williams did), but the general situation in Indianapolis is one where I'm always trying to invest in both players (especially the cheaper one in most cases, but Hines is extremely appealing).

  4. Thanks @FF_Contrarian.

    He's no Jordan Howard as a prospect either (another rd5 draftee), that's for sure!

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