The Ninth Round Pick That Can Help You Win Your League

Throughout the offseason, RotoViz writers will be sharing with you our favorite picks in each round of fantasy drafts. My favorite pick in the ninth round looks like a great value at his current ADP. When constructing your rosters, you always want to include players with league-winning upside — guys that can significantly outperform their ADP. When you’re drafting in the ninth round, every player still available has question marks. There’s a lot of upside to be found in high-variance picks like rookie running backs, but there’s also upside in boring, undervalued veterans. RBs have undergone a renaissance in value in recent years, and with many good, young players at the position and the uncertainty of landing spots in the NFL draft, they’re being drafted higher than they have been in years. Missing out on the top options while adopting a wide receiver heavy approach can leave drafters sifting through the collection of committee backs, rookies, and marginal veterans trying to piece together an RB group that is capable of winning a championship. At the end of the ninth round, there’s an RB going largely overlooked despite coming off an efficient season and having what appears to be a secure role in his backfield. I’m talking about none other than Marshawn Lynch.

What Is Lynch’s Role?

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