The Eighth Round Pick That Can Help You Win Your League

Throughout the offseason, RotoViz writers will be sharing with you our favorite picks in each round of fantasy drafts. This is my pick in the eighth round that has the upside to drastically outperform his ADP. When constructing your rosters, you always want to include players with league-winning upside — guys that can significantly outperform their ADP. When you’re drafting in the eighth round, there are several high variance players available, but it’s also right on the precipice of the quarterback run that generally happens in the 9th through 11th rounds. For years, fantasy players have been conditioned to avoid drafting QBs early. Scoring at the position is largely flat, with few players giving a meaningful advantage at the position that is worth reaching for in drafts. There have been a few players that have been consistent difference-makers though. Going back through the past seven seasons, there have been only nine different QBs to score a full standard deviation above the mean of the top-24 QBs for the season. Only five of those QBs did it more than once.
Player SD > 1 Count
Drew Brees 4
Aaron Rodgers 4
Cam Newton 3
Tom Brady 2
Russell Wilson 2
Matthew Stafford 1
Peyton Manning 1
Matt Ryan 1
Andrew Luck 1

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