The 7 Best Landing Spots For Rookie WRs – With Updated Air Yard Opportunities

The Cowboys cutting Dez Bryant has caused a significant shift in our Air Yards Opportunity Scores. This seems like a good time to update the scores to reflect that while also pinning down the best landing spots for rookie WRs. We’ll use a combination of the scores and common sense to identify where the best opportunities lie for the incoming class. The updated charts reflect the fact that the Cowboys lose Bryant’s 1,502 air yards. Dallas is still in the back half of the league in terms of available air yards thanks to the Allen Hurns signing, but the Cowboys represent a clear chance for a top WR to step straight in and make an instant impact. Immediate opportunity is important in dynasty leagues because a player’s value has the chance to appreciate much faster than others who might get buried on the depth chart. So which landing spots present the best opportunity for rookie WRs?

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By Cort Smith | @@rotocort | Archive