Sleepers and Busts: 2018 Wide Receiver Freak Scores

Freak Score is our scaled metric that uses height, weight, and speed to project the TD-scoring potential for NFL prospects. Unlike many other measures for an NFL prospect’s size/athleticism profile, the Freak Score gives us a measure that directly relates to an important element of fantasy scoring. If you aren’t adjusting for the importance of height, then you’re missing the critical element. It also helps deal with the inevitable “freak athlete” fatigue that starts to set in a few weeks from the draft when double-digit players are seemingly in the 99th percentile of everything. It’s true that most NFL players are freakish athletes by almost any standard, but most don’t stand out as athletes within the group of professional players. The Freak Score helps illustrate that point. The incomparable Calvin Johnson sets our scale at 100.1 By comparison, Julio Jones, the current freakiest NFL receiver, comes in at 84. Last year the highest score was turned by Robert Davis with a 73. After presenting the 2018 scores, I explore winners and losers at the position and then delve deeper into the interactions between height, weight, and speed as it relates to WR scoring. You can use the Freak Score Calculator to explore results for your favorite prospect and find the historically similar players.
  1. The aptly named Megatron once finished only 36 yards short of 2,000 and scored 12 or more TDs on four occasions.  (back)

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive