Ryan Grant: The Sleeper In Plain Sight

Is it possible to be one of the most talked about free agent signings of the offseason, and yet also be completely ignored? If you’re Ryan Grant it is. The Ravens made one of the most surprising moves of the offseason when they signed Grant to a contract with $14.5 million of guaranteed money — a massive number for a player with Grant’s resume. They then made the shadiest move of the offseason when they subsequently claimed that Grant failed his physical right after Michael Crabtree became a free agent, throwing Grant back into the free agency pool and signing Crabtree instead. While the $5 million guaranteed Grant received from the Colts on a one year deal is a much smaller commitment, it’s still more money than some free agents with bigger names and more production have signed for. While most of the focus has been on the Ravens’ apparent buyer’s remorse for giving him a contract way over his market value, Grant has quietly ended up in a situation where — if things break right for him — he could put up a useful fantasy season. It’s worth asking though, is Grant any good?

Grant The Prospect

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