2018 Rookie Running Backs: Pre-Draft Rankings

With the NFL Draft less than a week away, we’ll soon discover the landing spots of the 2018 running back class. These landing spots will play a major role in shaping the fantasy value that each back carries into his career. Nonetheless, it’s important to understand each back’s skillset and potential independently of his landing spot. This will help us to round out our expectations and evaluate the situation that each back finds himself in. Leading up to the NFL Draft, RotoViz writers have been contributing to our composite dynasty rookie rankings. I’ve yet to develop a full set of rankings for each position, but wanted to share my thoughts on this year’s talented group of RBs as well as the process that I employed while evaluating each prospect. I based my rankings on the potential for NFL success.


I developed my rankings via a three-step process
  1. Reviewed athletic measurables — evaluating requisite athleticism for NFL success and identifying any major strengths or weaknesses
  2. Reviewed college production — considering age, consistency, body of work and team situation
  3. Watched film — contextualizing how a player accumulated NCAA production, watching for skills that will translate to NFL
As you’d expect from a RotoViz writer, the measurables and production were weighted much more heavily when building my rankings. I don’t in any way consider myself a tape grinder, but I do think that there is some value in understanding how a player was used in his college offense and getting a feel for the things he does well that could be used by NFL offense.

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By Dave Caban | @DaveCabanFF | Archive