Which Teams Have the Most RB Opportunity Available?

We recently explored the level of opportunity available for WRs on a team level in 2018 using air yards. Now we turn our attention to the running backs, which, as we’re about to see, is a different market. In the past, we’ve used Kevin Cole’s opportunity scores to help single out the best landing spots for incoming RBs. While this is a different methodology entirely, it should still provide a strong indication of where the best opportunities lie now that we’re through free agency. Here’s how to read the table:
  • The Colts had a total of 469 RB opportunities in 2017 (carries plus targets).
  • They lost Frank Gore’s 299 opportunities.
  • That left them with 170 opportunities accounted for.
  • Since they haven’t signed or drafted an RB yet, they have a current opportunity deficit of 299, making them a prime landing spot for a rookie back.

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By Cort Smith | @@rotocort | Archive