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Best Ball Bargain Hunting: Tight Ends

The Best Ball Bargain Hunting series looks at the ADP differences for players across popular platforms in order to identify players who may be flying under the radar on specific sites. For an explanation of the methodology, check out the running back article that kicked off the series. The only scoring note to make before getting into the analysis is a reminder that FFPC leagues use TE-premium scoring. With an extra half-point per reception, tight ends who are expected to see a high volume of targets get a slight bump over those who are more TD dependent. Obviously target volume correlates pretty well to TD upside anyway, but if you think a guy like Jimmy Graham might be more of a red-zone guy in Green Bay than a target hog, it might shift his value just a bit.1
  1. That being said, it would take a full 12 receptions to make a six-point difference in scoring, the equivalent of just one TD. In reality, it shouldn’t have much effect on a TE’s ranking relative to his peers. The main effect is on a player’s overall ADP as TEs are much more flex-worthy in the FFPC format.  (back)

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