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Best Ball Bargain Hunting: Defenses

The Best Ball Bargain Hunting series looks at the ADP differences for players across popular platforms in order to identify players who may be flying under the radar on specific sites. For an explanation of the methodology, check out the running back article that kicked off the series. Some important scoring notes before getting into the analysis:
  • FFPC awards 5 points for a safety while MFL10s and Fantrax only award 2.
  • The scoring for points allowed creates a huge difference between FFPC and  the MFL10s/Fantrax format. FFPC awards slightly higher points for a shutout,1 1 to 6 points scored,2 and 7 to 10 points scored.3 However the big difference is that beyond 10 points, FFPC scoring doesn’t give any points, whereas the other sites still give 4 points for anything between 7 and 20 points allowed, and 1 point for points allowed between 20 and 29. MFL10s and Fantrax also actually subtract 3 points if a defense gives up 30 or more points.
So how does this affect the rankings? FFPC teams are much more reliant on the “counting” stats than points scored, and score much lower overall. For purposes of best ball, where you’re drafting two or three defenses and only the best one starts, you’re still looking for a defense that will give you a “startable” week that significantly exceeds the baseline for the format. It’s a major difference, but there’s a lot of variability in defensive scoring that makes it difficult to account for. For the purposes of this article, I won’t make any adjustments, but will acknowledge the difference and how it might affect rankings.
  1. 12 versus 10  (back)
  2. 8 versus 7  (back)
  3. 5 versus 4  (back)

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