2018 RB Rankings and Comps: The Potential Stars

Using player comparisons and scores from the RB Prospect Lab, we locate the stars, sleepers, red flags, and long shots from the lauded 2018 running back class. Earlier this week I presented the 2018 RB Prospect Lab scores. It came as no surprise that Saquon Barkley broke the machine with a perfect score. I love using rankings and projections from the Lab and from excellent RB models like the one Anthony Amico developed this spring. I use those scores in my own rankings, but at the RB position I also place special emphasis on player comparisons. In the past I’ve talked a lot about RB profiles. While attributes like size, speed, and agility can all be important, all successful backs don’t need to be the same. However, runners with at least one standout attribute tend to have better comps than those who are solid across the board.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive