The 2018 RotoViz Scouting Index – Wide Receivers v.4.0

The RotoViz Scouting Index (RSI) tracks NFL draft prospect rankings from a variety of traditional scouting sites, giving you quick insight into how incoming rookies are currently being valued over in “real football” land. This week, we’re starting to see some movement in the wide receiver evaluations. We’ll track the rise and fall of player values throughout the draft season and assess the impact on player fantasy valuations. Thanks to the data wizardry of Dave Caban, we’ll be aggregating rankings from a half-dozen popular and well-respected sites. This is the third update for the wide receiver position. For a longer look at how player values are moving, check out the initial index and the third iterations. One note before we dive in: this week we’ve added a few more sources to the index. We’ve added Drafttek and TSX to our existing sources,1 giving us eight component ranking services.


Make sure to read the introductory article to this series so you understand where the data comes from and how the scores are calculated.
  1. Rotoworld, Ourlads, Mike Mayock, Optimum Scouting, CBS, Draft Countdown.  (back)

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By Charles Kleinheksel | @Spidr2ybanana | Archive