FA Mock Draft of Glory: What We Guessed, Where They Went

As part of our ongoing effort to make you the World’s Best Fantasy Football Manager, we’ve been providing a lot of free agency coverage this offseason. We’ve studied each team and identified their needs. The next logical step at this time of year? A mock draft of course. Last week you read our Round 1 picks and have no doubt noticed the uncanny accuracy with which we nailed the transactions as they developed earlier this week. Fortunately, to show you we’re not always perfect, we’re also unveiling the second round and comparing our picks to what actually happened. It’s not quite the NFL draft, but free agency is almost the most fun part of the fantasy season, especially if you’re a Bears or Chiefs fan – hello, Allen Robinson and Sammy Watkins. Maybe less if you’re a Browns fan and already getting a sense of how John Dorsey ruined Kansas City’s cap.1 In this exercise we’re looking at the unreleased Round 2 of the FA Mock Draft of Glory and comparing our projections with the moves the team actually made or may yet be contemplating.

Free Agency Mock Draft – Round 2

  1. That’s a lot of money for Carlos Hyde to be Saquon Barkley’s backup.  (back)

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By Charles Kleinheksel | @Spidr2ybanana | Archive