Kenny Golladay Comps Suggest the 2017 Hype Is Still Justified

With the dust still settling on the 2017 season, we continue our look back at the rookie crop through our RotoViz crystal ball, the Screener App, and gauge what we can expect from Kenny Golladay going forward. While the Screener can’t foresee the future, it can give us a good idea of a player’s range of outcomes heading into their second year.  The Lions wideout was one of our favorite sleepers at RotoViz. Shawn Siegele identified him as a potential small-school standout as far back as last January, and by the time he scored two touchdowns in a preseason game, he was on everybody’s radar. The 6-foot-4, 213-pound Northern Illinois Huskie didn’t smash as a rookie, but he did flash, averaging 17 yards per reception in his injury-shortened freshman year. To get an idea of Golladay’s most comparable players, I set the Screener to search for similar rookie WR seasons between 2007 and 2017 based on a number of statistical outputs, as well age, weight, and draft pick. Where a player is selected in the NFL draft still has influence in his second season, though that influence does decline over time. Here are his top-five most comparable players.

Kenny Golladay Comparables

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By Cort Smith | @@rotocort | Archive